About Us

The global dimension of the Cold War is the prime focus of the research group New Cold War Studies. We discuss new approaches to studying the global Cold War, which go beyond the traditional realm of international relations. We are interested in “small” states, non-state actors and networks, scientific and cultural institutions as well as in mobile people and objects whose practices shaped Cold War life and politics. Our expertise covers both sides of the ‘Iron Curtain’ as well as the Global South and the Global North. We aim at connecting these still divided fields of research. Furthermore, our special interest lies in broadening Eurocentric historiographic perspectives and collaborate with scholars from the Global South working on the global Cold War.  

We meet regularly to discuss recent publications or our own works. We also organize workshops and lectures (link to “Events”). 

News and Events


Discussants: Lucile Dreidemy, Eva-Maria Muschik

Chair: Elisabeth Röhrlich

Location: Alte Kapelle, Campus of the University of Vienna

8 April 2024,...