Amin Aghjeh (Institute for Eastern European History)

Christoph Beitl (Institute for Contemporary History)

Laurin Blecha (Institute for Contemporary History)

Ioannis Brigkos

Eric Burton (Institute for Contemporary History, University of Innsbruck)

Anna Calori (Research Center for the History of Transformations -RECET)

Lucile Dreidemy (Institute for Contemporary History)

Maximilian Graf (Masaryk Institute and Archive of the ASCR, Prague)

Martin Gumiela (Research Center for the History of Transformations-RECET)

Immanuel R. Harisch (Research Platform Mobile Cultures and Societies)

Lisa Hoppel (Institute for Economical and Social History)

Idrit Idrizi (Institute for Eastern European History) 

Rosamund Johnston (Research Center for the History of Transformations -RECET)

Florence Klauda (Institute for Contemporary History)

Sarah Maria Knoll (Institute for Contemporary History)

Katharina Kreuder-Sonnen (Institute for Contemporary History)

Nedzad Kuc (Institute for Eastern European History) 

Rinna Kullaa (Institute for Eastern European History/Institute for History and Philosophy, University of Tampere)

Petra Mayrhofer (Institute for Contemporary History)

Wolfgang Mueller (Institute for Eastern European History) 

Eva-Maria Muschik (Institute for International Development, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Vienna) 

Jure Ramsak (Institute for Historical Studies at the Science and Research Centre Koper) 

Oliver Rathkolb (Institute for Contemporary History)

Elisabeth Röhrlich (Institute for History)

Anastassiya Schacht (Institute for History)

Benedikt Schönborn (Research Center for the History of Transformations -RECET)